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Who's afraid of the Big Bad mouse? Posted by admin August 01 2002
If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then for the past two decades Tokyo Disneyland has been the focus of much admiration. The stunning success of the theme park -- average annual visitors for the past 10 years is 17 million -- has spawned countless imitators across Japan. Apparently, envious local governments were looking to create a little Disney magic in their own backyards.
Most o...

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Disney bets on Piglet's prospects Posted by admin August 01 2002
Disney is quietly preparing "The Jungle Book II" and "Piglet's Big Movie" for theatrical release next year, but you won't find them on the production schedule at Walt Disney Pictures.

Like last weekend's second biggest theatrical release, "Return to Never Land," they are being produced by Walt Disney Television Animation, the most prolific and one of the most profitable production units at the...

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E Ride Nights Posted by admin February 26 2002
E-Ride nights at Magic Kingdom announced for April, 2002
Walt Disney World has announced its scheduled E-Ride Nights for the month of April, 2002. Currently three nights are scheduled, and came somewhat as a surprise announcement, considering that the past six months have either been announced a couple of weeks before, or not at all. I guess we are seeing WDW returning to normal operating behavi...

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